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future of NL football?

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The FA seem to be obssesed with travel mileage.They can't grasp that some leagues by definition will always have high mileages because some their team are in far flung parts of the country.For example, Newport IOW will always increase the mileage of the league they play in.Whats the solution.Put them in a six team league with the five nearest teams to them.????


This inconsistancy and constant changing of leagues and bounderies is killing the game,as is the recent chaotic promotion farces.


The FA can't (year after year) p*ss about with the pyramid and promotions.Clubs want consistancy ,security AND to know were they stand, so they can build a future in the confidence that they will know where they will be in 10 years time,or where they will be if they gain a promotion or two.

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They have to justify their wages somehow, I just wish they would find another way.

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Nothing wrong with the idea of restructuring non-league football - or more correctly, structuring it, as it had evolved on an ad-hoc basis. Yes of course leagues should be organised an a regional basis, getting less localised as you progress up the pyramid.


The problem is the dithering, mind-changing, procrastination, pandering to vested interests and sheer incompetence of the actual procedure.

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