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the non-pc sending off thread

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I remember once being told of a sending off of one of the main players at the time of the glory days when Billericay was were it belonged as Gaz would put it at the centre of the universe really, really, really quick sending off from memory (the memory being that of a 19 yo who of course were'nt their)


They may have been coming off the bench and then got sent off but that makes little sense as subs were only being introduced at the time in the big leagues

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Well for us old gits, the absolute legend of sendings-off has to be in the 70's when Geoff Aslett came on as sub in a fiery true local derby at New Lodge between us and Basildon United and immediately flattened an opponent. On and off in something like a minute as i recall !


But what about the sending off that never was at Newbury in the early 90's ? Jason Coles had already been booked for an earlier indiscretion when he "got involved" with a home defender awaiting a corner or free-kick. As the ref blew sternly on his whistle and summoned the players towards him, Coles didn't bother to hang around to see his second yellow and started to head for the dressing -room. Thankfully, a quick thinking Andy Howard had a check with the official and raced after his strike partner calling out "Jas, come back, he's NOT booking ya !" preventing him from crossing the touchline and receiving one anyway for leaving the field without permission!!! Classic... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

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Jeff Aslett didn't wait either. I think he ran on, thumped the Basildon player on his way to the dressing room....As NN said, about a minute (altho, I think it was 30 seconds!!!). I know we all don't agree with violence on the field but in hindsight, one of the more amusing moments in 'Ricay history.

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I had it told to me someone who was drunk at a millennium street party when I was also a tad drunk as I Managed to blag some booze off people as most had been drinking in a social manner but of course being a millennium party everyone was rather trolled including me for the first time ever (14 at time)


So cheers for bringing back to me further recollection of the first time I was pissed as I have an awful memory when sober let alone pissed

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