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Routledge Agrees Terms!!

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Football fans tend to know fk all anyway.


I'm sick of hearing Spurs fans moaning about Michael Carrick, when he was in fact outstanding last season. His passing ability is as good as anyone in the Premiership.


Thick football fans tend to only think a player is great if they score 25 goals a season.

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Aren't we all football fans?? I tend to think most talksport callers aren't always the sharpest though..


I reckon Routledge could really add an extra dimension on the wing for us, it looks like things are shaping up niceley for next season.


I still reckon we'll see the back of Kanoute or Keane, the smart money seems to be that it's going to be Kanoute after he pulled out of the Asian tour, but with us lot you never know.

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Sorry - didn't mean all football fans. Meant to say 'thick' football fans.


I hope we hang onto Keane.


More names being bandied about this morning in the Arnesen 'exchange'. Carlton Cole seems favourite to come, though Kezman, Malbranque and Johnson have all been touted too.


Can't say I'd want any of those four, to be honest!!

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I'd rather have Cole of the four, but I don't get Kezman, he was very highly rated and I can't see why he's done so badly. I would be tempted to try him out on a season's loan as I can't believe he is as bad as he appears.


Andy Johnson would be a useful addition, but I can't see Malbranque being the answer to any of our problems.

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Johnson has potential, he's still only about 20 and has England caps and Spurs are a bit light at right back.

Kezman has been a huge dissapointment having scored 30+ goals every season pre this one and has a great international stike rate, he never really got a chance at Chelsea but I'm convinced he's still class, could surprise us.

Cole is injury prone and is a shadow of the potential player he was a couple of seasons ago.

Malbranque is a good player in a poor Fulham team, scores a few goals as well but their are better players about.

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