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Smaller Squad


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It says in the article that there are one or two on the horizon.


Now, I think if we're going to have a smaller squad we could probably take full advantage of the new Conference loan quota and bring in a couple of season long loan signings. Or even just a player or two until the January window etc.

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Isn't it a bit naive to suggest that we wont hit a injury patch like last season.


With a part time squad, it is more likely to happen because of the lack of fitness. Plus, with a smaller squad, this makes it harder to cope with if such a situation arises.


Jeff says he couldn't believe it last season and says it in a way that it was just a freak occurance. Well, what if it wasn't and this IS down to lack of fitness being part-time? A smaller squad might mean a more balanced team but only if injuries are prevented.

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I'm no expert, but I think Jeff is a bit naieve if he thinks that Conference thugs are going to go in any lighter on our players next season. A lot of clubs had spells with injury crisis, but had quality in depth to ride the storms.


Think we had a lot of players in reserve, but a lot of them were not capable of playing at this level. I don't feel he can blame picking a different squad every week on injuries either.


A smaller squad isn't a bad thing as long as the players he invests in are very good.


I've read in a few places that the amount you can spend on a squad in the Conf. Nat. is relative to the amount of revenue you have as a club. If this is correct, perhaps this is why we have a smaller squad. Think it was on Confguide and they were saying how this may effect Grays and their spending for such a small club.


Would rather see Jeff spend good money on a small quality squad than have a larger inexperienced squad that doesn't make any impact at all.

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I reckon he may sign two players before the pre season friendlies and then use these games to try out numerous trialists.


A small squad is not such a bad thing. I'm not one for chopping and changing. You need a bit of continality and to give players a chance to prove themselves.

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