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Coffin Ender

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CHRIS KINNEAR says he is refreshed and ready to spearhead Margate’s Ryman League Premier Division challenge next season.

Being demoted and then relegated in successive seasons may have blunted the enthusiasm of many in his position, but is already planning for the new campaign, which starts on August 20 after the club’s transfer embargo was lifted.

He said: "I feel good about things now, better than I have done for the past 18 months, because I am now in a position which allows me to talk to players.

"We won’t start with the biggest squad because of the financial constraints, and I will be looking to use Under-18 players as well.

"A good youth set-up is a positive thing for the local area. We need to encourage youngsters to become part of the club and play in the MUSH Kent Youth League.

"My own lad has played in it, and not long ago we had our own Academy side side playing in the PASE league.

"There will be around 200 boys and girls involved with their parents, and we should be a community club, but unfortunately for the last few years we have not had that opportunity.

"Now we have come out the other side, that’s what we are looking and striving for."

Kinnear will again have Kevin Raine as his assistant, and pre-season training starts in the first week of July.

He added: "I am quite proud that we kept the thing going last season. We could have quite easily folded after the first month. We knew the 10 points deduction was coming, and the players found it hard because of the financial situation.

"We didn’t get relegated because of football-related reasons. It wasn’t a case of the players not being good enough or down to Kevin and I."

Kinnear says that Billy Edwards thoroughly deserves his testimionial which will now take place later in the season.

He said: "It’s a pity it won’t be the first game back at Hartsdown, but I hope he gets really good opposition and has a great night."


(Good, positive article. Just a query, however. CK says in this interview that he knew the 10-point deduction for going into administration was coming. I seem to recall that at the time the club said it had come out of the blue. There may be an innocent explanation for this.)

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Think it was a mirracle we wer'nyt in admin before we were so i think they saw it coming coff. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />

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I think the Company had an obligation to file for the CVA as soon as it thought neccesary. So we should have taken it earlier.


In addition we were relegated ON THE PITCH not because of the 10 point deduction.

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CK quoted as saying "We didn’t get relegated because of football-related reasons. It wasn’t a case of the players not being good enough or down to Kevin and I."

Well, I am afraid the table does not lie. If we were good enough we would have stayed up. We may have been severely stretched in personnel at times but imo there was still enough quality players that should have kept our conference status for us. At least this season we can stop blaming consistently poor performances on other factors other than what happens on the pitch. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/argue.gif" alt="" />

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