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1st freindly


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Can anyone please confirm when it is.Also when is the next Misa get together.Plus i have heard on the grape vine that the club may need our painting skills in the near future.When please.

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About time they allowed us to do something to help inside the ground. Lets hope we get those that are keen (and those that aren't keen for that matter) to turn up and play a part in helping to make OUR ground look good,ready for the new season. We must remember that this is a TEAM effort!

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It seems as though (although this isn't confirmed), this is our friendly list:

19th July - away to Tonbridge Angels

26th July - away to Dover

30th July - away to Chatham

13th August - away to Ramsgate


As i have already said, i am not completely sure that it's true - but it looks that way. Hope it helps!

Blue Army!

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Yes, Tone. You dont have to remind me that I was on duty that day, however we CAN do more.And maybe this time the timing will be right for me to join in.The ground could do with some cosmetic improvement and thats what WE can do at no cost to the club(except a cuppa here and there).

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Tonbridge look busy on the 19th.


NLP says they are playing Sutton and Fisher on that night.

Actually i think Sutton match is this Tuesday.


Fortunately, official Tonbridge site says 'Gate are lined up for 19th which being selfish is good as think thats a game i can make.All the rest a bit too 'far east'.


I reckon Tonbridge, especially Dover-we will see if our defence is still as pooor in air as last season when Wilkins tests it-, and indeed Ramsgate will provide pretty good tests,and suspect they will all have strong sides

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I'm only going by what it says on the kentish football website - I'm not sure of the link, its probably something really obvious. Just type in 'Kentish football' on Google and its the first 1 that comes up - enjoy!

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