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Fixture News


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20/08/2005 Billericay Town a

23/08/2005 Leyton h

27/08/2005 AFC Wimbledon h

(BH)29/08/2005 Hampton a


Christmas & New year


17/12/2005 Heybridge Swifts a

26/12/2005 Windsor & Eton a

02/01/2006 Hampton & Richmond h




15/04/2006 Braintree Town a

17/04/2006 Windsor & Eton h


End of season


22/04/2006 Harrow Borough a

29/04/2006 Heybridge Swifts h

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Those first four fixtures are extremely tough. We'll be doing well not to be bottom of the league at the end of August.


Oh and game number five is against Braintree, just to make things that little bit easier <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

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Err no - Heybridge caned us at their place last season and our other fixtures agaisnt them were closely fought. I would not expect too much difference this year. Windsor seem to have improved the squad from last season and have got rid of Super Chuck Martini who gave Slough a goal start in every game - so I would expect the derbies to be a lot tougher. Harrow will be in the middle of their end of season great escape from relegation and Hampton are a bunch of cloggers who we tend to struggle against. Doubt we will get anywhere near 15 points.


And no I am not a pessimist.

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Good point, well made.


Whilst as Eddie has shown before he will set his target as the play-offs as a minimum - given our current predictment and the likely make up of our squad my ambitions will be slightly more modest.

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