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My Birthweek Schedule

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Well here it s again folks, that time of the year when we celebrate me being a year older but actually looking a year younger. This year is slightly different rather than the usual week of festivities and we’re splitting the celebration over two weekends.


First Up – The Long Weekend of Birth Joy:


Wednesday 3rd August

The Great British Beer Festival and Chas’n’Dave

During the day there is a beer festival with 100’s of different beers, ciders and perrys for us all to sample, we can see how many fat men with beards are there? Then talking of beards our favourite cockney knees up merchants Chas’n’Dave are playing and we should have just enough booze down us to annoy them and possibly get arrested. So stand by for some vile treats of the highest order (only a few of you will get that last sentence)

It’s being held at London Olympia.



Thursday 4th August

Art Brut at Koko. Koko is basically the old Camden Palace and Art Brut are great, anyone that has seen them will and does agree. To promote their number 107 smash album “bang bang rock’n’roll” and the recent number 41 smash “Emily Kane”. And they are bloody nice people as well. Read some reviews and hype here:



I then have the misfortune of working 0700-1900 for the next 6 days hence the slightly milder few days <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />


Friday 5th August

XFM’s First Friday @ Islington Academy, the best indie night in town and it’s only once a month. Just a great night and full of really friendly people and top music, drinks aren’t too pricey either. Everyone has started having this as their birthday do and it’s always a night to remember even if indie isn’t your thing. Also in the Bar Academy bit first they usually have Punk Karaoke (karaoke with a real band) see below for a picture of some handsome fellow doing it before:


Some more info



Saturday 6th August

Saturday birthdays at backpackers are now legendary, last year on this same weekend 30 people came, one to represent each year of my life. It’s a stones throw from Kings X and is £7 drink all you can from 8-10. You also get the chance to tell everyone from the Southern Hemisphere how superior we are and remind all the Aussies that we own them.

Afterwards the city is our oyster or people are just a short stagger from the station, although I am working at 7am the next morning, that’s never stopped me though 

**NB – this is subject to change as I was meant to be barred, Ooops!


Sunday 7th August

The actual birthday but today we wind down slightly and recharge our batteries for next weekend and have some drinks in the pleasant surroundings of our cathedral city, St. Albans


Thursday 11th August

The Video Club @ Polar Bear Club in Leicester Square. The Video Club are a strange phenomena they are a electronic band who are good, been described as a cross between Depeche Mode and Morris Minor and the Majors, they have the best opening song to a set ever “Music to f*ck slu*ts to”, come and be part of the Regency Hardcore, I am! Other members of the collective (incuding me, Dave Ash and Tony DeLaFou can be found in the photos section under metro 03/06/05 (1)

Check them out at:



The Second Weekend of love – No Sleep allowed – No sleep until Brooklin (Beckham is in Sunday Mornings Paper) Friday 12th August – Sunday 14th August


From the Friday to the Sunday we’ll hit an orgy of indulgence and carnage, pubs, clubs, raves, afterclub parties and beach parties and to throw in the middle the first game of the season Welling V St. Albans on the Saturday afternoon (as we’re south of the river why not spend the night in Brighton)


Yes you may of guessed I’m off this weekend <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />


Fall into bed on Sunday sometime – same time next year!!!!!!

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Yeah, great lad and it's been a while since I've seen him down there.


I enjoyed our frames last night - can't believe you beat me in the decider on that re-spotted black. I didn't expect you to take the pot on.


Have you thought anymore about playing a couple of league matches next month when a few of the regular team chaps are on holiday ?

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