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Reason not to go on holiday!

Burnham Lad

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Found on news website......


Man lost job for being 'dead'


A Romanian man returned from his holiday to find he had lost his job because he had been declared dead.


Valentin Lefter, 20, from Focsani, said he was shocked because he'd only been away for two weeks.


He returned from his summer break to find a letter from wine-bottling company Prodecam Vanatori.


"The letter, addressed to my wife, apologised for my passing away and said any outstanding payments would be sent to her within the next month," said Lefter.


When he rang company bosses, they apologised and said the letter had been sent out because of a computer error.


But they said he could not have his job back because they had already employed someone in his place, reported local media.


He now plans to sue the company for £10,000.

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yer like this one!





Severed finger's 40 mile train ride


Doctors have reattached a man's finger after it was severed by a train door and ended up 40 miles away.


The 34-year-old tried to board a train at the last minute at Freiburg and got his hand stuck in the door.


The train pulled away leaving the man in agony on the platform - and his severed finger inside the carriage.


He tried to run after the train and wave for it to stop, but was in too much pain and had to be taken to hospital.


Horrified passengers managed to contact the police who retrieved the digit 40 miles down the line towards Cologne.


After tracking down its owner, who has not been named, doctors reattached the finger and say it is likely he will regain full use of it.

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Screams of passion alert coastguards


Lifeboats, coastguards and police turned out when screams were heard from a rubber dinghy - only to find a naked couple making love.


A walker on nearby cliffs thought their shreaks of delight at 8am were calls for help and dialled 999, reports the Mirror.


Lifeboatman Nigel Crang said: "It was an amazing shout. I've never seen anything quite like it in all my 18 years I've been doing the job."


He said the startled pair were totally naked, adding: "I've never seen such things in a six-foot inflatable at such an early hour.


"They were a bit surprised when we turned up. He was using his hands as a fig leaf, while she was protecting her modesty with a towel."


Police ordered the pair, both in their 20s, to paddle to Hollicombe beach, in Paignton, Devon


They eventually agreed and were given a stern warning by police and coastguards. Yesterday the mystery couple were in hiding.

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