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Wasn't a great game tonight. Typical pre season friendly with neither side really that impressive.


A second half goal by Adaggio won the game for Shrewsbury and they may well have score a few more.


We had a few chances with Keeling volleying a effort over in the first half and Greggors heading wide.


There was a flurry of chances near the end with Lee being denied twice and then Mario putting in a great cross that nobody could get on the end of.


Thought Tommy Laws did Ok in the second half and Mario did a couple of good things but we never really got going today. Some good stuff but let down by our final ball. Defence looked a bit dodgy in the second half as well.


Nearly completely cocked up playing the Final Countdown (put the wrong bloody CD in!!!).


My apologies for the rather loud Guns n Roses song played before kick off although by the looks of it, there wasn't that many there to hear it!!!!

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i just cant see us scoring goals this season, i think defence and midfield is ok but surely we need 1 or 2 strikers. tonight where was janney and conroy

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i agree where are the strikers, every other team has signed more than one player, are we ever going to sign anyone. I thought tommy played a hell of a lot better than saturday and at last they have seen some sense in bringing mario on from the start, still not sure about minton and gregors they seem of pace and lose the ball to easy, sedgemore seemed to of had a bad spell last night as well, i think bunce has been a good signing for us and holds the back line well, as well as alwawys being first for headers. just hope we get to sign some tall strikers that can head the ball and volley, as sometimes lee looks a little dwarfed by some fo the big defenders

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I can't see us signing anyone until Jeff comes back from holiday (whenever that is). I can't believe many other Conference managers would go on holiday at such a crucial point of the season, I just feel we are going to miss out on players who won't see us a decent outfit because of this. It must look bad for a player to come on trial with us and not even have the chance to impress the manager.

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It was only me on my own last night with Wayne doing PA. Apart from the blip with Final Countdown it went OK.

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