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Che Stadhart

David Holden

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I totally see what you are saying, michael, but from what I have seen in the last two friendlies we have actually come a long way to sorting out some of those problems that befell us last year, defensively and in midfield (if we keep some of the promising triallists we have seen so far that is, and of course if Ross comes back that would be a huge advantage). Plus Charlie has so far proved to be extremely safe and confident in goal, I have been very impressed by his cool-headed defence between the posts.

But I am very concerned as to where the attacks are going to come from - there was only on shot on goal at Dover, and that went in. But apart from that we had no threat in attack, in fact we hardly made any attacks at all, and the goal came from a second corner following our only attack. There was scant pace up front and no-one was taking the ball forward or holding it up. The only time I saw those two qualities was when the sub Peter came on at the end, who did show a good turn of speed down the wing. I am not taking anything from Sylvester, who has netted in both games, as he does look quite handy. But to progress in this league we are gong to need to win, and we will need goals for that. Plus, looking at the results from other pre-seasons, for clubs in our league, it seems we are not going to be faced with either a cake-walk, or any other teams that have had less time together to gel than ours. And I also think we need to play some attractive, winning football at the beginning of the season to bring some more support in for our home games.

Let's hope Chris has the solution to this in hand, eh?

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Liam Daish reported to be extremely pleased with Ross Smith. Whilst no confirmed signing of him has yet come out, the odds are looking unfavourable for us as far as Ross Smith is concerned. But you never know!

Entirely agree with you June about the attacking need. We really have to take the game to others this year unlike last year when we allowed other teams to dictate.We have to be the forceful ones and I too hope CK gets this sorted out this year.

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As this thread is about Che-'i rest my case'.


Create enogh chances and anyone will score.


The chances should be created via midfield ,with one/two upfront to pop them in from 6 yards after the midfield have made the openings.


The other goals can come from set pieces.


If we don't concede we will not lose.


Do agree that Charlie has a calming influence.


With regard to the team, too early to say as we haven't got a clue who it wil be yet.


Did nt see Dover, but did see Tonbridge game and at leat at Tonbridge in second hal w made a few openins-probably co we had a bit of a midfield in Gradley and Chapman , but at Dover no midfield and hence no chances.


Its midfield and defence which are the key to any successful side.

If we had Van Nistleroy up front we would not score anymore goals as he is a poacher, not a creator of chances.

So again its midfield thats the ky for me.


(dismounts from soapbox!!)

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I agree with MargateFan here, we need people who will score. Im not entirely sure where the goals are coming from. The loss of Che Stadhart is a blow to the attack. Hopefully CK has someone lined up


That korean guy has only recently joined Man Utd so itll take a while for him to settle in.

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A similar scenario here to a few years ago. What did CK do?? He unearthed Phil Collins!!!! We all know the rest!!. If only he could find someone similar. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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DW was in the stand at Dover.

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