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Prediction League update (29-8-05)


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No doubting who's the knowledgeable one at Tummies with six of them occupying the bottom nine places. Richie stands head and shoulders above them and everybody else based on positions after today's games.


Emma, meanwhile, is grimly holding onto her wooden spoon and potential £2.50 prize!!


1 Richie Rebel

2 Charlie

3 Marcus

4 Nathan

5 Grandad


7 Graham

8 Richard W.

9 Matt W.

10 Reading Rebel

11 Warren

12 Chris B.

13 Gary

14 The Plinth

15 Aidan

16 Andrew (2)

17 Russ

18 Matt C.

19 Andrew

20 Radders

21 Chris S

22 Martin

23 Dominic

24 Roger Rebel

25 Sue

26 Ian

27 Ted

28 Paul

29 Roy M

30 Simon (Tummies)

31 Derek F

32 Kay

33 Budman

34 Roy H.

35 Steve H.

36 Grimlock

37 Kevin M

38 Rebecca

39 Tom

40 Tim H.

41 Keith (H&R)

42 Horsham R

43 Stephen (Tummies)

44 Karen H.

45 Nicky (Tummies)

46 Swedish Rebel

47 Alex (Tummies)

48 Claude (Tummies)

49 Tari (Tummies)

50 Anu (Tummies)

51 Emma

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