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"NEW" Matchday posters - Collect for distribution at Fisher game


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Peter has shown me the new matchday posters that he has kindly and expertly made up for the next two home games.

I hope they got approval from KP Peter and that between yourself and Taffy they can be copied in colour for the Fisher game so that we can all take 3 or 4 each to distribute amongst the people of Thanet by supporters. We might need about 200 I think to give out. What do you think Pete & Taffy?

They look good & have been updated with extra features.

Peter,will they be made available for the Fisher game?

Well done Peter on another fine effort.

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Well I did 100 last time, not sure if all taken? As soon as Peter sends me a copy I will start printing them! Will have to pop in to clubhouse & leave them though as can't make Fisher game as wife arranged to take me to show for my Birthday, before fixtures were out! Gutted!

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Hi Taffy. Thought you were on your hols. Nice to hear from you again. I can pick them up from you if need be. If so pm me with your address and I will pick them up, or maybe you wish to make alternative arrangements. The offer is there!

p.s I do think in the getting ready for the first game some may have gone astray in the clubhouse, unfortnuately. This wont happen a second time. Maybe 100 will suffice then! Thanx

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Was away for a few days hence no posts & missed Monday game too, family party! Yes will do 100. Thanks for offer of picking up but will be driving past ground before game & will pop in clubhouse & leav then there, minus the ones I put up in Ramsgate!

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USP? I assume you are meaning a promotional push for the lights. If so then you are absolutely correct MM. This should be like the first game, but publicised with the lights inclusion and having them used for the first time in an actual game.We must push the boat out on this one just like we did for the very first home game,not without failing to mention every other game.

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