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BBC Essex

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Ibe!!!!!! Get in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alan Tait on for Ibe.

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What can I say, same ol' story!


Saturday it was in our favour at Burton. Tonight it was Gravesend all over again...only a better performance from us all round. Just those final few minutes' sucker punches.


No way did we deserve to lose. Both teams matched each other for so much of the game!


We threw it away! Can only blame ourselves from what I saw.


Well done to the Yellow Army that travelled there. Could hear you over the radio and see you on the PC! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Ashley to start next game I take it? McKinney's gonna have to kiss up to get back in the team after tonight. On a Match-to-Match basis, now he's suspended I don't think he'll see much football anytime soon. Brilliant save earlier though - Good reflexes.


Glenn must be giving him such a bollocking right now!!!


Canvey's MOM for me was Bimson.


Can't believe what I've just seen!!! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

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"Same ol'Story" - starting to look that way.


Not sure how it loooked on Conf TV but we seemed to get stuck in and the early goal was well taken by Ibe and set us up for a good night.


To be fair Harriers first goal was quality after 5 or 6 passes they ripped us open and Mckinney didn't have much of a chance. Other than that I did not think Harriers were that good and in my opinion won't be up there at the end.


Agree with you Matt, I felt Bimson was my MOM. Felt sorry for Ash stepping in under such circumstances. Dominic looked knackered and gutted at the end and generally kept their forwards at bay for most of the night.


We have a couple of problems that need to be worked on at the moment. One is defending at the far post from crosses and corners and the other is killing the game off and thats what done us last night. Thats a few games now where we have conceeded late in the game and those lost points could prove important.


IMHO, Mints and Sedgemore are talented players who can change the game in a second but sometimes spend to much time on the ball and get caught in posession and that certainly doesn't help in the last five minutes. You could do with someone who is the complete opposite, strong on the tackle and just gets rid of it - spoiling tactics if you like, just like Daggers at the end of our home game, play it into the corners and watch the clock tick on - we just seem a little naieve and need to kill the game off. I suppose it's another double edged sword - you have someone who is skillful and can change a game or you have someone who is more solid and doesn't mess about.

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