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Better performance, but still plenty of room for improvement. Went to a 3-5-2 today which helped as we've now got the personnel for it with Ballard returning in to partner Avery and Daly at the back.


Brooks still hasn't done anything to impress and Woodruffe improves with every game. One thing you'll notice about Woodruffe is that he gives his all with each challenge and adds some real pace down the left hand side.


Midfield of Wilkinson and Metcalfe doesn't really offer us enough attacking options which often leaves the front two very isolated, particularly when we're playing with wingbacks, which in turn means we're still not creating very much. Once again today, I can't recall their keeper actually having to make a save of note from a shot of ours, which is quite concerning as we're simply not creating the chances.


Very, very flat atmosphere again despite the re-emergence of BFR leading the troops behind the goal. Can't see where our first crowd of 300+ is going to come from as I can't imagine there will be one on Tuesday.


Plenty to improve on both on and off the pitch, and let's hope we can build on this first win ahead of our FA Cup match next Saturday.

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I disagree gaz, i think brooks greatly improved today.. fought hard and created a couple of chances... we were two goals from (i think ) three shots today which means that unless we start getting more shots on target we are going to find ourselves in trouble... having said that there are positives to take from the game...

a) we WON!

B) Ballard made a huge difference to our defence, i think parky noticed that as well since he was far more vocal today than in previous matches

c)seedel (for the little time he was on) looked a lot more switched on IMHO,

d) brooks, woodruffe and avery all looked better

e) alexis managed to get a goal!

here's to many more successes...up the rebels!

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I thought the match was good today and that Ballard was immense in defence through the game, also the fact he likes to go forward too means he should score us a few more goals this season.


I also agree with Charlie that Brooks improved a lot today by playing upfront, its nice to see a player willing to take someone on for a change.


Saying this we were extremly lucky to come away with 3 points, especially as we had 2 shots cleared off the line. Although it is nice to have some luck for a change.


Bring on Redbridge!

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The boys did well, I found is so hot today ! and to try and give your all in those conditions well done lads...


Gary hows the sun stroke ! Tart....


its only a hat..your street cread is safe !


cheers chris <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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Agree that Brooks had a much better game today, he looked far more at home up front. Slightly worrying that one person ie Ballard made so much difference to the overall performance though, obviously I'm glad he did, but it makes it all the worse when he's missing. He'll just have to make sure he doesn't get suspended again or get injured.

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i agree with the rest of you - brooks was much better today, seemed very commited and played well, i was surprised when he got taken off. wasnt initially impressed by alexis today, but all was forgiven when he scored! tongue

ballard looked good if we can hold onto him he will be a key asset in replacing saulsbury

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yes ballard did look good-trouble is <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/cheeburga.gif" alt="" /> he's liable to get sent off anytime-then where are we.

still i am ever optimistic, after all we are only 11 points behind the leaders.

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I thought we showed a bit of character today after the pathetic first half at Hampton.


Welcome back Chopper - a bit off the pace at times but still showed his class and can only get better.


Andy Ballard - immense - could become a cult hero


Steve Daley - supreme - what would we do without him?.


Wilko & Mets - Battled to the end


Woody - will only get better - lets hope we can sign him


Carbs - not the greatest defender in the world but always exciting when he goes forward.


Hodgey - takes a lot of stick from defenders but comes back for more.


Jamie Brooks - has taken stick from most supporters for his poor performances but showed some glimpses today that he has the ability to do well for us and after a great cross-field ball from Wilko did well to beat his man and set up Ballard for his goal.

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