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Worthing 0 Margate 6


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According to Ceefax vidiprinter,but we know different dont we?


Still, would have looked good for us to those not knowing. Sorry to get you elated there but I just had to share that with you. I couldnt stop laughing!



Of course true Final Score was


Worthing 1 Margate 1

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I hope your right but Leroy Griffiths always seems to have a blinder against us think it cuase we didnt rate him when we had him in the conf for a few games.


Will be good to see Lenny Piper again shame it aint in a gate shirt <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> and last years phantom signing Francis Duku could have done with him last season.

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MM you keep banging on about height in defence yet we have only let 2 goals in so far. Unless the teams we have played all had small forwards, we must be doing something right. Where I would agree with you is that we need another centre back, especially if Kolo injury from yesterday is long or medium term. I would prefer to see JK in midfield and Bill at sweeper. Kolo was excellent against Maldon in the game I saw and has great spring so height not an issue there. Porter would be a good signing I reckon, or someone of his type. Annon also can't be far away, another smallish centre back with great spring.

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2 out of 3 goals were directly or indirectly through headers in centre of goal.

Having said that,imo the defence is overall performing much better as a unit this year, and once we have our first choice or strengthened midfield, that will assist stem the attacks.

I like perfection and thus any weakness seek to improve


As you say Graeme, i guess stats don't lie and 3 against is pretty good ,the same as 6 points accurately reflects our performances this season

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