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Player of the Month August


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Welcome back to a new season of POTM madness!!!!!


102 votes received today which is a decent start considering that was roughly half the attendance.


The winner of August's vote was Christian Metcalfe, closely followed by Ian Hodges. Despite his win, Christian only received about 20% of the overall votes, showing how tight the opening voting was.


Here are the full results;


1. C. Metcalfe 21 (21%)

2. I. Hodges 19 (19%)

3=. J. Carbon 14 (14%)

3=. D. Wilkinson 14 (14%)

5. M. Parkin 8 (8%)

6. M. Seedel 7 (7%)

7. S. Daly 6 (6%)

8=. G. Harris 3 (3%)

8=. L. Woodruffe 3 (3%)

10=. S. Shepherd 2 (2%)

10=. J. Brooks 2 (2%)

12=. M. Avery 1 (1%)

12=. A. Paget 1 (1%)

12=. M. Alexis 1 (1%)

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Cheers Gary, that would be much appreciated, as my dad did complain about the amount of paper used!!!!! I'm still fine tuning the voting slip design so that hopefully I can put in the fixtures as well just to jog memories, I hope the September one will be a further improvement. Thanks to those who voted.

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