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Overall a disapointing result for us but not a disaster looking at the results.


The first half we went 1 nil down to another early goal, which would suggest that this season we're not switched on from the first minute. It's a worry but not one that Justin, Matt and the team can't put right. Afterwards we were the best team, playing some lovely football on the ground which eventually reaped our goal, scored by Danny.


The second half, Harrow were the better side. We wasted far too much possession by being sucked into the long ball tactic that Harrow always play against us. When we played football we looked as if we could've raised the game but sadly, not to be.


Some minus points from the game -

The early goal

Dormer looked unfit

Nathan looked off the pace


Some plus points for us -

When Gary Henty came on, we looked better (no disrespect to Matt Game who has done a great job in the right back position)

Neil Cousins looked lively and would've scored if he hadn't stepped on the ball

Fisher lost, AFC drew


Really, these one o'clock kick off's when we have to travel don't do us any favours and in my mind always end as a freak result...I mean, Chelmsford won today <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> so there you go!!!

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After we've gone behind to another early goal we've actually played quite well for about 20 mins, their keeper's made some good saves and Dorms has hit the bar...After that game went downhill with some scrappy play from both sides. Hockers equalised with a low shot that the keeper got a hand to but it bounced up and over the line.


Second half very scrappy fare. Harrow had best chance with a goalmout clearance that macca cleared off the line.

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We have given the oppo a gift start again with plain lack of concentration which is poor. However in the first half we created a lot of chances and probably should have gone in ahead. Hockers 3 starts, 3 goals...nuff said...


I think some of our team let themselves down second half and I thought harrow were actually better than us second half so overall a draw is ok.


an away draw is not the end of the world and i think anyone would have taken 10 points from the first 12. the way the other results went we have actually moved up a place to third. crowd 144 shocking but we know we had over half of that.



game (henty) pat macca kerrigan

wareham thomas hunter dormer (lay)

elder hockton (cousins)


snu: dobbo, brightley

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The problem defensively is that our full backs are too easily exposed - the wide midfield players (Lay, Wareham, Dorms) have to get back and help the defenders, especially away from home. Dorms did until he tired after half time, but Ross, who did well in attack - still hasn't got used to the defensive part of the midfield role.


Perhaps when Henty is fit enough to start at right back then they will play Game at right mid, particularly away - this would give us a more solid look on the right flank.

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We are far too shaky at the back at the moment. Overall a pretty poor game, but ithought we played some excellent stuff in the first 15 minutes or so, and should have scored at least one. However, there was far too much crap long ball. When we get it on the deck we play so much better, but sometimes they just go far the ount up field if its the easy option. Still, 10 points from 12 is a good return, and you cant expect to win every game. They could easily have nicked it in the second half as they had the better chances in the second period, whilst we had the better of the first. So, it easily could have been worse.


Roll on Tuesday

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Thought we didn't cause them many problems in the second half, although their keeper was man of the match making some good stops, and was unlucky with Danny's goal.


The worry was our persistant use of the long ball when it seemed we should be able to pass the ball around against them. Their number 5 was great in the air but more than beatable on the deck. I agree that when Henty is fit we should put Game back in right mid, although he has done reasonably well filling in at right back. When Lay came on he seemed to play centre mid leaving Thomo to take on the left wing, I'm not convinced that was intentional.

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Kevin M (CCFC) said:
"crowd 144 shocking but we know we had over half of that"

Yet another assumption by super statto, jl....

In my opinion we had over half the crowd.
In my opinion Chelmsford are the worst team we have played so far this season.
In my opinion kevin's time would be better spent praising his own team on what is likely (in my opinion) to be one of their few successes this season.

Now back to the footy (everything below is my opinion and not necessarily a fact)

I think Henty needs to start. He made a big impression when he came on. I also think that we need to have another look at our midfield. Now that Ross has demonstrated he can play a wide midfield role, I would move Dorms back inside to play next to Leon. We would then have George, Ross, Matty Game, Simmo and that New chap (Bourne?) to compete for the wide midfield roles. My view is still that Richard Thomas is more effective for us (particularly in the second half) at centre back.

Lets hope we don't jump out the way of any on Tuesday like Justin did in the Masters today :>)
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Another plus point is Danny Hockton. He may not be as sharp as he was last year due to his prolonged injury but he is getting there. A good percentage of a strikers work is being at the right place at the right time and in the first half in particular, he was. It won't be long before he is fully fit, sharp and banging in the goals...although 3 from 3 starts isn't a bad return for a striker who isn't quite on his game.

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