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Time for change


MOTM v Sutton  

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  1. 1. Who was your Man of the Match?

    • P Nicholls
    • A Lacey
    • C Robinson
    • K Millington
    • D Young
    • J Haverson
    • J Keister
    • W Wilson
    • J Healy
    • L Blackman
    • S West
    • S Cliff
    • L Smith

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Having just looked at our results for this season we must be in for a goal feast soon. Including the PSF ( 10 matches ) we have failed to score more than one goal in any game so far. However we have only conceded 5 goals in that time meaning 0.5 goal per match. Lets get behind the team on Tuesday, we must be due some goals with 4 new strikers this season!!! I've done a poll as I've never done one before!!!

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And it is not a pleasant experience there either.

My only visit was about 20 years ago, Fisher v Gravesend Cup game, they were 1-0 up with 2 mins to go, we scored 2 in injury time to win. The fans were happy - not. On the way out we were sworn at, spat at, had beer cans thrown at us - all whilst the local stewards and police stood by laughing at the spectacle.

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not good, well i take it they dont have many fans any more they only avaraged 90 odd last season and they arnt doing that much better this season.

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