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Hows things going this year

Taking the Mick

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we're still having a laugh, still spending too much money in other team's club houses and still a bit mental.


we've yet to repeat the conga we did in the snow at your place yet though.


hows life at the top of the conference? do you miss 'real football' ?

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Yeah there is a real appeal to the old days of real football and thats said in all seriousness.


I miss the old days of Harrowboro away and Hitchin where there were 400 fans but it was so much more a laugh.


You cant complain moving up the ladder though, as you can expect just being Grays means you get stick let alone anything else.


I like Hornchurch used to look forward to the games between us.


Hope you do well this year

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he would say that though, wouldn't he...


issues? poor little mite was nearly in tears because we didn't welcome him when he came to play at hx in his new grays kit...


anyway, past is past. as i always say, break a leg westy.


onwards and upwards.


maybe see you in the cup, stimmos - as soon as we've knocked weymouth out.

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