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A Mans Game???

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Having lived through several generations of football team managers I do so long for the days of Billy Nick, Shanks, etc who made comments that made you laugh or educated you in terms of the pro game

Shankly and “they were lucky to get 0” was the harshest comment their integrity would allow about other teams or managers, the game then was about the players

Today’s whimps at Chelsea and Woolwich do the game no favours with their school playground rhetoric

Question? Will football ever return to being a mans game for players and managers

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While not being old enough to remember Shankly and co, I agree with you.

It's like a playground reading how Premiership managers go on at each other.

Mourinho is a cheeky so and so though.

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Exactly, pabird - those acerbic remarks were so much more cutting than the whining of the current crop. Even Atkinson came out with a couple of good 'uns - "I never criticise referees so I'm not going to change my style for that w****r" (or something) was superb!

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