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o/t News about that other thing!


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Not football related but news anyway.

Council are meeting tonight to decide whether to move the Turner centre(re-locate) or abort it altogether.Apparently,(from a good source),the costs have now just risen to the £40m mark.And not looking likely to stop there!

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It is no victory for those against this because millions have already been wasted. Roger Gale is trying to take the credit on behalf of the council for turning this decision around without accepted that they were the ones in the wrong in the first place. Typical tories I am afraid. Typical Thanet Tory council.

Although it didnt take a lot of working out it it clicked in the end and today has been a good day but a day we must remember has only brought a stop to senseless waste of ratepayers money.The losses incurred may never be recoverable. ..Someone must be made accountable for these ridiculous but obvious errors of judgement. Obvious to all it seems except those that made the errors in the first place.I didnt think I caught on to things very quickly these days but surely even this council & KCC must out do me on this one with their lack of sanity,understanding and reasoning & forethought.

Stay tune for round two,coming soon to your area!

These errors of judgement must not be swept under the carpet.

But for today common sense HAS reigned supreme.

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I heard him on the radio speaking James. I was not mistaken. Did you hear it?

Sorry that he's your mate n' all but he is a p***.Only comes out of the woodwork when he thinks he can get something out of it.I knew you would respond James.Thanks for not letting me down but the tory party are the ones that have let us all down more and they have let you down too James if but only you could see it and admit to it.

At the very least they HAVE come to their senses at last & for that,despite it being way too late it he day,is something that even I am grateful for.

Thats all we asked for. For those involved to do just that...see sense.

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the leader of kcc must take responsibility and resign after admitting u are wrong this is the only right thing to do.paul carter a very intelligent man,ha ha he once told me there are no hills in thanet your 11 year old can easily cycle from cliftonville to ramsgate i still have this in writing what a prat

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Roger Gale moves in to try & salvage some crediblity.


North Thanet's MP, Roger Gale, has today described as "courageous and right" the decision, announced jointly by KCC Leader Paul Carter and TDC Leader Sandy Ezekiel to discontinue the current proposal to build the Turner Contemporary and to progress a "Turner Alternative" on shore on the Rendezvous site adjacent to Margate Harbour.


"I believe that future generations will thank those who have taken this decision" says the MP. "Escalating costs and differences of engineering opinion militate against the current project. Far better to seize this opportunity to deliver much greater regenerative improvement for the money available.


I see today not as the end of the Turner project but as the launch of a Margate Waterfront development that will include a potentially award-winning Turner Gallery, a hotel other business opportunities and, very possibly, the re-furbishment of the old stone pier and of the Winter Gardens as a modern business and conference centre of the kind so needed in the South East. This is a very exciting prospect indeed".


Commenting on the assertion that money had been wasted developing the Turner Centre the MP added:


"It is a pity that some are determined to take a negative approach and to regard the money spent to date as `money wasted` rather than as an investment. The fact is that the investment to date has had an enormous effect on confidence in business and property in the Old Town and deprived area of Cliftonville West and has led to the refurbishment of shops and houses in the area in addition, of course, to the investment in the Droit House as a facility in its own right.


We owe a debt of gratitude to those who have taken the artistic development behind the Turner project this far and I trust and believe that with the pledged support of KCC, TDC, SEEDA and the Arts Council we will see more than their dreams realised in the not too distant future".

-------------------------------------------------If this isnt jumping on the bandwagon,trying to make something good come out of something that was obviously ridiculously wrong in the first place then I dont know what is.

Sorry but Roger Gale should not attempt to take the credit for his party's inability to see the obvious.During all this debate and common sense from many ratepayers who have neither the position or the power that he has, he has just sat back hoping,like his companions at the council,that things would progress to their own satisfaction.How dare he try and make this decision look like it was done for the people & that he/they should get the credit.But I suppose he is trying to limit the damage to his party that has already been made.A dumb council who couldnt arrange a chimpanzees tea party let alone a million pound scheme like this. Someone, somewhere, got their sums wrong and when they were told of their errors they carried on regardless.Roger Gale was a part of that team, the team that were so out of touch with things that they couldnt see into the future,unlike the ordinary person on the street who could.

To actually try and take the credit for making this decision just astounds me.They should now be CUTTING our council tax as a means of apologising & compensating the people for allowing such a badly worked out project to have begun in the first place.

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Also on the "no one [****!!****] wants it" subject the eyesore community centre at Pierrmont Park-cut down all the trees that have been there for donkeys years set up by the mysterious "trust" consisting of no doubt bent backhanded ( we're in bed with constructors ) councillors. The Pleasurama flats, Dreamland, the list goes on. Honestly I could cry with despair that so called community representatives do anything but represent the community-they refuse to even listen to the community. B*stards the lot of 'em.

Blinkin' 'eck-where's me Diazapam? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/zombie.gif" alt="" />

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