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I’ve been banned

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I guess it was me....I was the phantom true blue, the gazza stalker and the stones hater, as well as the Sunday night spammer and general all round sh1t stirrer.


I've got to admit though, I never knew it was me, am I a schizophrenic, how can I find out?



Wait a minute, I have found out… my ip has banned from the footballwebpages isthmian forum… It must be?



Please don't tell oz, he’ll be laughing his cotton socks off.


Maybe I am oz....I need a lie down.


Sorry, prediction League is suspended until further notice.

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I had my suspisions you know....I thought, "Hey, who would be the most likely to stalk me?"


Oz? Nah, much to nice a person to cause any trouble. I mean, me and him. best mates. I can't wait to meet him when he comes over here and we can renew our friendship over a couple of pints.


Some joker from Chelmsford? Nah, they're not jokers. Nicest people you could ever meet. Solid, respectful, unasuming and certainly even handed when dealing with other clubs and their facilities on their forum. I think their status of the Kings of Bertie Big Bollox is unwarrented. Shame on Judge Fred.


I was even thinking it may be some higher profile supporter from Braintree...


There you go........Look closer to home.


Does this mean I can go onto the forum with the happy knowledge that I won't be stalked?
























I don't think so.... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />

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