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Is there a game on Saturday?

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A member of the firm did bump into Robbo on saturday night and his exact words were "Should all be alright for Saturday" as in Basingstoke away.<p>I know your wondering why I'm replying to my own message but quite a few of us (ie. the Firm) log in on this loggin, which will also explain the various degrees of spelling mistakes!!!!

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My Mum doesn't like me leaving messages on Canvey Island's message board on account of the bad language so could you let me have your password so that I can put any important information on in your name? <p>Are girls allowed to join the firm yet?<p>Is that one who dressed up as Father Christmas at the Bedford match still the leader?<p>CUUUMMOONNNNNNYEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWSAAAAAAAAINTSSSSSSS<p>

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