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game report


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Don't know what time you get up pabird, but some of us have to sleep, especially if we have been to Hayes the night before. Match details were posted before I went to bed at midnight. The report is now up though.


Now, must go and do a bit of the day job before my boss discovers what I really do when the office door is closed.

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Merv the report of the game against Enfield in the "non-league" newspaper reads that Canvey were fortunate to win a scrappy game

where the only true period of dominance was brief and belonged to Enfield

How do we square this performance with your own report of the mid-week game against Hayes which suggested that in "our" periods of control we played attractive and effective football


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I haven't read the match report in the NLP but you need to ask yourself, who wrote it? NLP don't manage to get independent reporters to all non-league games, instead they often rely on club officials (club secretary or press officer) to supply the reports. If this is the case you may well get a report that is biased or one-sided. I think this may the situation with the Enfield report.


It's a bit different to reading a report on a club's website. Matt and I have never hidden the fact that our web reports are biased, one-sided and written for the amusment/entertainment of the Canvey fans. I don't think this is meant to be the case with NLP.


I think we played better at Hayes than we did at Enfield, although there was far less at stake and, to a degree, the pressure was off. We had a couple of youngsters out to impress and they did well. Both teams relaxed to a certain extent and the result was, IMO, a reasonably entertaining game. Saturday wasn't the best game I've seen Canvey play but if you can play a mediocre game and still collect the points, who am I to complain?

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Every report in the NLP is biased towards the home team. If they win - then they were 'by far the best team'. If they lose - 'they were robbed'.


As Merv says these reports are written locally and are hugely biased - a point to remember when you have not managed to attend a game.


By the by - I notice that the price has gone up by 20p - has anyone noticed if the paper is any bigger or better?

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Some 'real' reporters moonlight by writing for the NLP as well as for their own local newspaper. When they do they usually write under an assumed name - in case their editor sees it, I guess. Again, they tend to be from local papers and, hence, home supporters more often than not.


Dick Marshall always gives a balanced view, I find. To his (and the Echo's credit) he gets to quite a few away games as well. Wouldn't know if he writes for any other publication, though.

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