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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs
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This Weekend's...Ummm... Events

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Okay, so it was football, and it was at the Park, but when you don't care too much for either team, you really get to see just how bad non-league football can be, don't you? We came down for the second half because The Crown was very warm and comfy, thank you very much. <p>Anyway, EFM will be dividing their support between Partick Thistle (winners of the recent EFM website poll) and Cambridge City (ummm... I think because they weren't Hendon on Saturday afternoon) for the time being, though I somehow doubt that this will extend to actually going to any of their games.<p>For those of you who are interested, movement has begun, slowly and tentatively. We've received a start-up guide from Football Direct, which is very long and very boring, but I'm ploughing my way slowly through it, and we've also been in contact with clubsincrisis.com (the name should be self-evident). Begging letters are ready to be sent out (templates are already stored). They'll be sent to anybody we can think of, from Spurs & Arsenal right through to Chas & Dave. For now though, we're waiting to see what crops up on Thursday (or, obviously, until the winding up order) before we do anything else. Better that any money we raise goes towards a new club, should it be necessary, than into the hands of anybody else. Legally speaking, we're not under any obligation to forward money to anybody, so long as our begging letters aren't sent on behalf of the club (I've checked this with my firm's lawyers - one of them is proof reading our standard begging letter for me tomorrow, and will correct it accordingly if I've worded it incorrectly).<p>Time for bed now. I have a busy day tomorrow.

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