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Webbo MFI

Thought I'd share this with you all....

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"Dear Webbo,


Enjoyed reading the letters and the general items on the website,Having to sit back and watch a once great football club in the state its in is a disgrace,The blame can only be

put down to the overall running of the football club for a number of years,Promises were made and broken not just

to me but a number of other players & managers.

Lets get one thing straight I never wanted to finish my career with anyone else,But i was forced to leave because of the board,But saying that i am enjoying my football again playing with my old mate Clarky at Aylesbury.

I would like to thanks to the great saints fans who over the years gave me some wonderful memories,

Good luck in your fight to keep the saints alive,If there is anything i can do to help please contact me.<p>Peter Risley."

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Nice one Webbo.<p>It's the fans who should be thanking you Riz, not the other way around, all those seasons you played for the Saints. Now that's what I call real loyalty. And the never to be forgotten goal against Forest Green. What a strike!<p>If those Ducks aren't training Thursday night, why don't you try and get down to our meeting and while you're at it, bring the old fella with you. I'm sure you'd both be more than welcome.<p>

<img src="graemlins/images/icons/cool.gif" border="0" alt="cool" />

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