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Right...back to the football

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For those of you who sensibly skipped yesterdays thread, here’s the main post again, and some additional info.



OK. this is our current Squad.


But in addition to these thoroughbreds, we are currently looking at another 5/6 players. Their positions are wide midfield and Centre Forward.


We're also in the market for a second Goalkeeper



Dave Collins

Jamie Dormer

Nathan Elder

Joe Flack

Matt Game

Steve Heffer

Gary Henty

Lee Hodges

Leon Hunter

Danny Kerrigan

George Lay

Billy McMahon

Dave McSweeny

Tom Poole

Warren Ryan

John Simmons

Rob Swaine



Scott Forbes has hung his boots up for this season.

Billy Mcmahon has replaced Ricky Millard.

Although we did not take up our contracted option on Pat Sap, he was invited back. It was an opportunity for Pat to show his commitment to Billericay and earn his place on merit. He did not return for pre season.

Dale Brightly has failed to appear for Pre-season..

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yeh, real shame about Pat


But what is good, is the lads we have, are all with us from choice of club. Most of our players have been approached by other clubs, and some have turned down very good financial offers..


We have is a settled squad of quality Players, each of whom wear our shirt with pride, as do the Management team…and supporters

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I think I shall make my comment on Pat here as I think it got lost in the cr*p.


I am sorry that Pat has gone, I thought he was a very solid centre back. I prefer to see McSweeny at right back and believe that Swaine is too inexperienced for this level. Jamie can do the job but I prefer him in midfield. I do not know anything about Heffer to make a comment.

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The Town Crier said:
Scott Forbes has hung his boots up for this season.

One can only presume that's to brush up on his after dinner speaking <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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Bill of Shenfield said:
I do not know anything about Heffer to make a comment.

Aha, but I know his sister. She says her mum and dad will be down to watch Steve, and she will come down sometimes. Has already warned us not to give her brother stick, so i said how 'bout we buy you a drink in the bar then. She said ok then you can give him stick <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/alk.gif" alt="" /> Her mum apparantly loves the banter etc so maybe she can stand with the left side at New Lodge ! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
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Lee is doing just fine...his free kicks are certainly match winners as I think there is no one at our level that can cope with or deliever the ball like he does....


His crosses are pretty wicked as well but Dave Collins has my vote for that area...coo, who do we play...Hodges or Collins...itsn't it nice to have a choice.

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