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Dead Man Walking - coming to a match near you soon!

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Thanks to Matt Davison for the following:


Luton Town press officer and qualified referee Steve Dove had to take charge of the Hatters' pre-season friendly at St Albans, last night, to ensure the game went ahead.


The original officials refused to sanction wholesale substitutions, at half-time.


When Luton manager, Mike Newell, and his St Albans' counterpart, Colin Lippiatt, refused to give ground on a maximum of six replacements per side, referee, Darren Deadman, from Cambridgeshire, and his two assistants, left the ground.


Dove's intervention saved the friendly, at Clarence Park, from being cancelled.


He remained in the middle, as the Hatters won six-nil, and admitted St Albans should have had a penalty, following a foul by defender Russ Perrett, which he failed to give.


But he did lecture Luton skipper Kevin Nicholls for a second half foul.

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Dead Man Walking - coming to a match near you soon


You got me all excited. I thought you meant Phantom, Peters,Kirk Brandon and the Captain sensible ( with the exception of Peters all musical legends) and all of whom make up the current line up of DMW would be supplying pre match musical entertainment.


you little tease.




Up the Fleet .

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