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Jarvis OUT

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Jarvis is winning!


I have kept relativly quiet about this subject but now is time to speak as I/WE risk losing to many friends because of him.


He has got himself into the slough team and is reaking his revenge on the Slough Fans!


He was unable to beat the Slough fans on the pitch, so is trying to beat them from within - and so far winning.


There is only one way to beat him and that is to stand together and give him stick every time he gets the ball and hound him out of the team.


This behavour I would normaly condem, but the circumstances are extream & require extream measures.


The other solutions of either walking away or putting up money will have little effect on the management. Walking away only divides and reduces the strength of our fan base. Putting up money lets the club off a poor management decision - what next bring in Nichols the uxbridge thug so that the fans pay for another player?


The freindly this Saturday at the sand pit will firstly prove if Jarvis is being considered and if he is, it will give us the opertunity publicly to show our feelings, hopefully in numbers, about his inclusion in OUR team.


<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/bootyshake.gif" alt="" /> to Jarvis



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Yes, and all of that on here Chels. What actually happened when he was playing? Nothing. He wasn't slated at all when he's wearing the shirt.


All the stick he's had on here has largely been justified. Fans have made it quite clear they are very uneasy about the signing of Jarvis and given the previous history that's to be expected.

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He's an alright player. What he lacks in pace he makes up for in * cough * other ways.


A good club man mind. Certainly left windsor with my respect. Before i remember the barmy army effing and jeffing at him all the time and then he becomes a hero. Football is fickle

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Please don't start this all over again !


Gary & Emma were asked to speak with Jarvis after the Maidenhead match but had other plans - so please please get this sorted.. at the next available time....


This can not go on and on and on....Please sort it...


chris s

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Chris, we certainly weren't asked to speak with him after the match at Maidenhead. Not that we could have hung around as we had a train to catch. If someone had let us know beforehand, it would have been nice so we could have made suitable arrangements.

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No, Roy collared us on the way out to give Emma a new shirt with her name on the back and spoke about the Jarvis situation. Emma and I expressed our unhappiness about the signing and nothing about an apology was mentioned to have been arranged for after the match.


As we had a friends birthday BBQ to go to, it's not as though we could have hung around anyway as we weren't aware it had been planned for then. As I said above, if someone had mentioned it to us prior to the match, then we could have tried to re-arrange our plans to get this sorted out.

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Thats just it Gary ..it needs to be sorted...and posting this again and again on this forum allows it to fester...Roy is in a terrible situation and has tried to sort it from both sides...trying to find middle ground and a best way to sort it...not making a big big thing of it...a quiet meeting between you 2 -jarvis and Roy...


cheers chris

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Chris, firstly, if someone had let us know prior to Saturday that something had been planned, then yes, it could have been sorted there and then. Secondly, the apology is nothing to do with me, that is for Emma alone. If someone lets Emma or I know (off forum if preferred) when you are planning something, we'll make sure we're there.


Monday evening prior to the Beaconsfield game might be a good time?

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