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Squad for saturday

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How's your left foot these days, LMU?


Do you fancy a game on Saturday afternoon. It's only York City.


{Di you prefer 'Wilde', 'Harper', 'Norris' or 'Sozzo'? Wilde, perhaps?


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With only 3 fit defenders (Batt, Seeby and Theobald) I'd be very surprised if we didn't have a defender in on loan for York, that list of 14 includes 2 keepers and 4 strikers and an assistant manager that hasn't played 90 mins for about a year


Will he play 3 at the back Batt, Seeby and Theobald

5 in midfield - Nicolas, Davis, Cracknell, Simpson and Roddis

Will he play 3 up front Hakim, Martin and AN Other

4 at the back with maybe someone like Roddis playing left back

2 up front with someone just off the front 2????


I do know that this is looking bad, this sqaud would struggle to win a game in the Conference South


Let's hope Benyon is the business

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i think he will stick to 4 4 2 but have




Batt Seeby Theo Simpson



Davis Nicolas Marwa/Crackerz Jackman



Haks Benyon


Lippi has told the st albans observer Benyon is definately starting %100 and to be fair that is not a bad team if the defence have a good day i can see us nicking something

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in the lower reaches of the League .............about three and a half years since our last point.............. just over four years since we last scored a goal ................ a squad ravaged by an outbreak of beri-beri ...................... eight members of the Verulam school U 15 'B' team in the squad, and the top scorer from Lorretto School U.12s on the bench .......................Paul Bastock with a slight cough ........... attendances down to single figures: Gibbo, Knocky and the Supporters Club Committee...


Just when you thought that it couldn't possibly - ever - in your wildest nightmares - never, ever get any worse, that this here, right now is as bad as it could possibly be............


Right at that moment........


Along comes Harding offering 'help'.

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