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Sutton Away


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are there still any plans to run a coach to sutton?


or have we all forgotten about footy its been so long


when was the last time we had 3 consecutive home games postponed? come on simon one for you there....


on the ponce for a lift tuesday night if anyone has room..no change there then...happy to buy a couple of pints for any willing volunteer...


come on the blues (eventually...possibly...please?)


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Well just to add a bit of light hearted banter on this subject of "what is football, it has been so long"...


I was in the Crown last night where we were all celebrating Calders unbeaten run for 2003....


When was the last time we could boast that we hadn't lost a game 2nd weekend into the New Year - lol

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Only a couple more postponements and it'll be our longest unbeaten run of the season! Problem is we'll be running out of free tuesdays to play games on soon, by my reckoning we have 6 tuesdays without a game, so if we make further progress in either ESC or Bryco, we'll be heading for fixture pile up!

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Gazza your starting to piss off quite a few people, your comming on here making stupid comments, where the f--- were you yesterday when those of us that care about the club were down at the ground helping to try and get the game on???

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Sorry, I didn't answer the question. Very bad manners...


Well since you are obviously concerned, I was tidying my house, doing some improvements, shopping and visiting my Mum and Dad. Things I have to fit in on a Saturday should I wish to go to a game in the afternoon. The plight of a single man, I'm afraid... And as I, like others, thought that the game would surely go ahaed, trying to fit all these things into my busy day.


And before you ask, I like to keep Sundays free. A day for reading the papers, slobing around, going for walks (it was nice today, wasn't it. Cold but nice) and generaly relaxing before another working week.


Another thing, I do care about the club but I wonder, is this a one way street or a two way one?


Oh and one more thing, if you wanna come on this site and slag me off, have the good manners not to hide behind an anonymous name. I would love to know who you are as I am sure others would too.

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also needed is an ill-fitting furry hooded anorak, a pointless plastic carrier bag and brown shoes. top off with a mullett, cross the eyes and perform some sort of speech impediment and hey presto....... you'll fit in just nice with the locals!!!

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