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6 Leagues Agreed at Step 4

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Ardley United

Atherstone Town

Aylesbury United

Barton Rovers

Bedworth United

Bishops Cleeve

Cinderford Town

Corby Town

Dunstable Town

Evesham United


Leverstock Green

Malvern Town

Oxford City

Rothwell Town

Solihull Borough


Stourport Swifts

Sutton Coldfield Town

Wellingborough Town

Willenhall Town

Woodford United



Never in a million years will Leverstock be allowed to be promoted. Their ground just does not come up to standard. When the ground inspectors go to vistit pancake lane, they will find a ramshakle sorry excuse for a football ground. Actually most of the grounds in the SSML are of simialr standard to Leverstock, no real stands or terraces, just fenced off, and a clubhosue that doubles as a small seating stand.


Leverstock get people to park inside around the ground rather then outside. Sure they have room to build, but do they have the money and the permission. Good luck to them, but I just dont see how a 'ground' like leverstock can pass the ground grading for step 4

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I think a few clubs in this league have problems with neighbours in residential areas - objecting to parking and floodlights on late, hence the need for 7.30 pm KOs for a few clubs.


Clubs have to apply for promotion before the end of November - ground gradings to take place before the end of March 2007. Anyone know if their club applied?

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I would imagine Edgware and Hertford have. Some clubs may not want to go up for finacial reasons. Leverstock are doing very well, but can they afford to go up? they dont have the best of support, and I wonder if that would increase if they were to go up. Whereas Hertford and Edgware's crowds would go up.


It would be interesting to see who has applied, is there any way of finding this information out? I think that anothers site put those details up last season alongside the map of teams who could go up.

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I think your comments about Leverstocks ground are a bit unfair, they are trying their hardest to make the ground confortable, their new changing rooms are fantastic, there are plenty of grounds in this league who have tidy grounds, Ruislip Mnr, Harefield Utd, Welwyn and Aylesbury Vale spring to mind.

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But, in fairness, Gavin is right that Leverstock won't go up with the ground in it's present state. another's predictions are purely based on League position and not ground grading. However, Leverstock could always "do a Potters Bar" and get the ground up to standard in record-quick time. Where there's a will, there's a way!

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I am not saying Leverstock Green's ground is not pleasent, but it's hardly step 4 league standard. When we were there earlier in the season they had no real seating to speak of, we had to move a bench to make it into a makeshift seat! I thought you had to have a certain ammount of seating for the SSML Prem !


Their ground is picturesque as is many in the SSML, but many of the grounds in the SSML would not pass to move into the Istmian or Southern league


I have not been to Potters bar so cant comment, but having been to a ground such as Brook House, you see how a club can build on the land they have.

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