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(unofficial update ) - Breaking News "OFFICIAL" - GAME IS ON!!


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Been up to the ground & as you walk in to the ground,at first glance & at a distance the pitch looks perfect. However if you walk onto the pitch you will see a different story. Having said that its not all doom & gloom. Ray is up there working his socks off with his large roller/sponge. The wing areas seem fine & the goalmouths are fine too.Its just the centre circle & immediate surrounding areas. Plenty of water must have been on there before but Ray is doing a wonderous job up there trying to get the game on. There are little pools of water in those central areas but its mopping up well & Ray is continuing with this for as long as he can or is required.

He mentions that STAINES have to be informed one way or another by 4pm so thats when the OFFICIAL line will come out both to Staines & to us.

Ray also says that he is going to propose that the game is 99% able to go ahead as it is now.He is really sure on that,that its playable as it is now.Thats from a groundsmans perspective & not from a fan who just wants to see a game played.Lets not forget he treasures that pitch & wouldnt allow it to be played on if it meant ruining it.Ive definately seen a lot lot worse with games being played on in the past. Southwood last night looked worse than our place looks today. No need for a referee to come early & inspect,though it must be made CLEAR that any final decision,when he arrives will be down to the referee.As Ray says we have to make early decisions here unlike eleswhere.(dig dig dig)

It all depends on the weather still. If it stays as it is then its looking good,subject to the referee on arrivals,final decision. We will know for definate at around 4pm or just after.

From what I saw its just a little mucky in places in the centre circle area but in all other areas it looks fine & I mean really fine.

So we wait. Hope thats helps a little. Hang fire & hope the Rain stays away.

Referee by the way comes from Sittingbourne.

Heres hoping we get the game on but more importantly that we get the result to go with it!

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Ive mentioned that JJ The weather is probably the ONLY thing that will see this game called off im my opinion.(more heavy rain).As I say its just an unofficial update & the real decision will be given around 4pm as to the state of play!

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I was being got at Alan so thought it best to clarify things to the man & anyone else out there who thinks that further rain wont affect the start of the game.



Thats OFFICIAL & ignore please anything to the contrary.

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