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Jim Ward makes an appearance


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Jim Ward showed up at the game tonight. Just after half time and he saw second half performance, which lets talk truth was none far short of crap.


We came out second half a total different team, could not believe the attitude. I feel we thought we were going to win without even playing and you cannot do that against ANY team. If we are going for the league or playoffs we got to have better attitude towards games like these ! The atmosphere in the team was very short and we do tend to argue between ourselves when we dont play to the high standard we have set ourselves.


We need to get in front and get back to basics instead of thinking we can win every game we play !

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Blues with Soul. said:
See you've corrected the spelling from 'halfs' to 'halves'- at least you recognise the error of your ways.......

Almost, he still doesn't follow a proper football team!!!
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Shall we get back to the subject of Margate blowing a half time lead?


Seriously, it is reminiscent of last season in division one when Dover began the season looking like they would walk it and then fell away. Up until last weekend it looked like Bromley would stroll it but now it's obviously not so certain.


Horsham are a good team though - have Margate played them recently? And when do you play them this season? A cracking good day out, nice little town, good pub opposite the ground, quite a good atmosphere and a decent surface. And it should be a cracking game. You should be looking forward to enjoying your trip there. I recommend it.

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