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Hawkins or MacDonald ?

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Definitely Hawkins.


Bit of Deja Vu today ? Stafford Rangers all over again ? We seem to have trouble coping with what I call the "method" teams.....3 large centre backs, or today two, although the giant goalkeeper made up for the other one ! They close down quickly & get the ball forward quickly.


A couple of unrelated points:-


a) the moaning old w*nkers have had a nice day out. A "classic" comment when we made a substitution was " can't we substitute the manager ?".........they obviously would prefer to be in the bottom 3 in the league....a*seholes !


B) the Kiddi fans singing in the first half " we hate Cockneys " Some sort of geography lesson maybe in order as, try as I might, I couldn't hear those Bow Bells !! Perhaps they though that they were at West Ham ??...well it's near the Thames anyway !


All the best to those who travel to the next 3 away games...hope you bring back some points & and also a home draw in the FAT 2nd round !



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Never a free-kick for the first goal. That said, it was an outstanding free kick.


We weren't as bad as against Stafford, we created a few chances, just most of them were disappointingly close to the keeper, and had Sodje's chance gone in just before half-time, we may have made a better fist of it.


But if we're going to challenge the top six, consistency is the key. And we - like a lot of Conference teams - ain't quite got it.

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On the plus side it was good to see De Bolla back on the pitch slinging in some decent shots and freekicks.

Also well played Jon Keeling, thoroughly deserved m.o.m. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />


For Kiddie, Harkness's first goal was a cracker and Blackwood looked a very good player in the first half although apart from one long range effort he didn't do much in the second half.

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I was up at the Swanscombe end in the first half ( eventually ) and, apart from the we hate cockneys chant, as referred to earlier, encountered no one "giving it" even when Kiddi were 2-0 up....oh apart from the elderly lady who, until the safety officer ( or whoever ) decided that the game was not to be segregated ( despite the announcement on the website that it wasn't !) after the game had started, could not get a cup of tea until that time.


Now, whilst this may seem rather trivial, I feel that it does not show the club in a good light. Either the game is segregated and food & drink facilities are provided at the away end, or it isn't, and therefore away supporters can wander around BEFORE the game & get a beer/tea/burger.


As I said, it maybe a trivial point, but I don't think I would have liked it if roles had been reversed.



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i'm sure it was hawkins, was sitting behind the goal and saw with me own peepers!! i thought the kiddy fans were quite entertaining,especially the 4 or so with the santa hats and beards dancing to the band aid song at half time,i did notice they took their shirts off about 15 mins before full time,`northerners hey!!! come down south and see alittle bit of sun and they think there in [****!!****] spain!!

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