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Hereford Dodgy Food


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Its Monday morning so I am going to have a moan.


The food and drink at Hereford, was the worst I have ever come across.

Burgers which where cold, uncooked an inedible. Thimble sized cups of coffee and Overpriced.


Has anyone ever seen anywhere as bad as this place?


70p for a chunky kit kat is a bit of a liberty!!!!

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The silly moo at Dagenham tried to give me half of my 'hot' grub order whilst the other part of it wasn't even ready! Needless to say I told her I would like to have it all served to me at the same time. I had the same argument over coke bottle lids too.


That security measure is really funny - you can walk into a ground with a gun or a knife (ok.....officially you are not allowed to but this a theoretical comment) without anybody checking if you are or are not doing that sort of thing, yet they don't trust people not to throw a plastic bottle onto the pitch.

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