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I was interested to read on the BBC News website thingy that this week the UK is making the final repayment on WW2 debts to the US and Canada. The payments are 42.5m and 11.6m respectively.


These debts accrued from the lend-lease scheme, where any equipment loaned to Britain and that stayed here after the war had to be paid for. In addition teh US loaned theUK 2.2bn, and Canada loaned 607m, just after the war, at favourable interest rates of 2% pa. Total sums repoaid are 3.8bn and 1bn.


I wonder to what extent these loans are offset by rent on US bases in Britain during and since teh war? How much did we charge for passing on radar, jet engine and nuclear technology in WW2?


I look forward to receiving setttement of our invoice for assistance in the Iraq adventure.

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Originally Posted By: pabird
Please do not consider holding your breath Invis.
Mind you Bliar may get a free holiday out of the Iraq assistance given.

How about a long holiday in Guantamo Bay? And he can take the Scottish Pensioner Strangler with him!

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