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weekend bet ?

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Update on the Tipline I mentioned a month ago !


For those into the gee gee’s, if you took note –


36 winners @ 10/1, 8/1 , 11/2 etc,etc


For those that didn’t , bad luck !


Now they have 3 gambles set up for Saturday

Including a big FA Cup football bet


Genuine £1,150 profit over the past 5 weeks , as I’ve said if you like a bet on the horses –


09116 192 350 - £1 a min, but message kept short


GOOD LUCK message on at 11 each morning


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People who phone tipping lines must be complete mugs.

If i had real information on a horses chances of winning,which i have in the past;i would not share it with hardly anyone as i would be looking to get the best price available.

The tipping lines make there money by mug punters paying £1 per minute to listen to some so called expert waffle on for 5 to 6 minutes and give you a tip that you could probably work out yourself.

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