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John M

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I was at the Stevenage away game which in my opinion was one of the worst referreing displays I have ever seen. I don't remember the ref's name but I sincerely hope that he never officates one of our games again. Stevenage probably feel exactly the same way.


It would be interesting to know what happened to John? Is he still a regular down at Stonebridge Road? I hope the club haven't banned him. Jumping over to the edge of the pitch and standing there isn't exactly what I would call a pitch invasion!

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Unfortunately, he hasn't returned.

I tried earlier in the season with no joy.

Apparently others have been continously trying to get John to return but nothing has worked - I understand even somebody at the club tried months ago too.

It's rather sad that he is missing out on a rollercoaster of a season.


BTW, the referee was a chap by the name of Harris, who, along with Kettle (yesterday's man in the middle), has the reputation of being the worst in the conference.

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C'mon someone put an arm round him and get him back down to the 'road..


If he hasn't been back since the Stevenage away game thats over 100 quid that the club has missed out on in gate receipts.


We need everyone possible to be getting down the Road.


If we stay up ( and we will ) , he would have missed out on watching the greatest Fleet side ever. Let him know what he is missing out on !



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