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A Stevenage Perspective.....

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3 things today were rubbish, the result, the decision to allow the first goal, and that man Trevor Kettle!


Going out soon, so ain't got time to express all my feelings, but>>>


The pitch was awful, we didn't play great in the 1st-half, but I was content at just 1-0, despite the fact the header - which Westhead tipped onto the bar brilliantly - did not cross the line, and wasn't even close.


Mr Kettle was his usual, amazing self!


G&N players were dropping like flies, there should have been at least 6 minutes added on at the end of the game, 5 substitutes were made, 2 G&N players were carried off, 3 or 4 more went down pleading for treatment, and he adds on 3 minutes!


Wormull scored with a lovely volley on 88 minutes, 3 minutes after Goodliffe's calamitous OG (did Westhead call?), and 3 minutes after 50 Boro' fans left, how I'd have loved us to get a point to make you lot feel bad!


I've never seen such a horrible set of results go against us either!


Anyway, gotta wait 2 weeks not to get back on the trail, we're back in the mire!




Darren "Statto" Jones

East Terrace Season Ticket Holder

Follower Since 1982



Now they know how it felt to be robbed by the ref at their place.

''Nice touch Sigere''

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