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Some help here.....

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Taken from the Kingstonian message board:<p>Ceefax

EFM Muppetts

Mon Mar 25 15:05:13 2002<p>They are banned from St Albans City,according to other SAFC fans that I spoke to on Saturday,as well as several other Ryman League grounds.Presumably they won't be allowed in next season.Complete muppetts. Especially that blonde ******! <p>I hope this isn't the case I havn't been told anything, I'm not aware of us being banned from any other Ryman grounds either, proberley something to do with the fact we've never caused any trouble, quite reasonable that, K's take note!<p>This could of course just be passing as K's wit.

I'm a bit worried about the blonde ****** bit, how do they know so much about what I do in my spare time, is he stalking me?!?!?!<p>For the sensible view of events, please read Trevor englands and AFF comments on the Woooood prediction thread!

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