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Bacon and Brie Sandwich

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I've just spent what seemed like an eternity in my local sandwich bar, trying to explain to the thick, think w*nker at the counter what a Bacon and Brie Sandwich is.


He looked at me blankly and asked "Bacon?", to which I replied "and Brie", to which he looked blankly at me again.


I pointed to the Brie behind the counter and said, very clearly "it's cheese", to which he looked at me blankly and then proceeded to disappear out the back.


Five/ten/thirty/whatever minutes later, he returned with a couple of slices of fatty, grissly bacon, stuck them inside two slices of bread and wrapped it some paper for me.


"What about the Brie?" I asked, to which he looked at me blankly and muttered something in Italian.


Sod it, I thought, and paid my £1.50. I took one bite walking down the road and threw the rest in the bin. It was fking disgusting.



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