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Supporters 5 a Side tournament

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Supporters 5-a-side Tournament

Saturday 10th May 2003

The Roger Bannister Stadium, Headstone, Harrow, Middx.


Come and join the Wealdstone FC Supporters 5-a-side Tournament taking place Saturday 10th May (the week after the Ryman League season finishes).


Cost is £30 per team and guarantees you at the very least an hours football. To sign up please fill in the application form CLICK HERE for Tournament Application


Please send cheques payable to

Wealdstone FC Supporters Club,

addressed to

Adam Hills c/o WFCSC

38 Langton Grove





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1. GHA (player/manager)

2. Laz

3. AFF

4. The Lyrical Tarantula

5. Colin Zeal


subs: SSL, RTS, weebo (if he isn't in the bar), Dave Tavener (if he isn't throwing cider cans), EFM's Librarian


cheerleaders: chubbhead, tall n cool


£30 per team? There's over a million pounds worthof talent in the first two names on that team sheet. I won't say which way the money is split, but anyway...

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Oooooops - now that's done it.


Just wanted to point out the following facts gha (would have used capital letters for your acronym, but as you didn't bother for me, so be it):


1. As anyone who knows me personally (not that personally), my legs do far more justice in a pair of decent football shorts than they would in a short girly skirt with sodding frills on.


2. I don't recall seeing on the tournament application that you had to be a bloke to join in, women didn't burn their brassieres all those years ago JUST to get the vote, football was also on their agendas, just below the voting issue.


3. I've probably won more football tournaments, cup finals and leagues than the rest of you even dream about (yes, even in your SACFC day-dreaming)


and finally,


4. Laz at number 2 in the team? Come on gha, sometimes you're on the verge of people taking you seriously, but then you do something mindless like that?? You've got to be kidding eh? I mean if it were a drinking 5-a-side team I could see the sense in your choices, but football? Premature senility must have set in!


Aaaanyway, if you do manage to scrape a team together, bearing in mind that as it's a Saturday, the pubs WILL be open (do you want to deprive yourselves of valuable drinking time?) good luck and if ya don't win, well hey, the pubs are calling - try the Spanish Arch on Belmont Circle.

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GHA, a couple of points...


1. Tall and Cool probably would look good in girly skirt, but I would recommend she be assigned more suitable tasks such as making tea for the blokes, etc.


2. I think we all know that girls are useless at football.


3. She's probably right, tea-making tournaments.


4. She has a good point about your team selection.


I've been to the Spanish Arches, and if you choose to go there, make sure you wipe the chewing gum off you feet before you leave.


As T+C is a bright person with an excellent sense of humour I won't bother saying that I'm only joking!

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