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villa 2 lammas 1


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the mighty lammas crashed out of the cup with a 2-1 defeat to hanworth villa, played the majority of the game with 10 men centre half sent off for a two footed lunge, went 1 up jay coombs they equalised through grave then went to extra time gave away a silly free kick and grave obliged, boys are gutted but now have to lift themselves for a hectic few weeks and a serious title challenged, we believe we can do it so game on boxing

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we will do our best teffers who ever wins this league will be worthy champions with all the games left and limited weeks to fit them in its going to be hectic ........hold onto your hats,


how is it looking for you boys, i think bedfont are down and with only a couple of clubs ready for promotion you should be ok


maybe the season after we will join you in the premier

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I hope you can do that Nutter,


We need you and WP in the top 3 to make it safe for us, dont believe Farnham can come up yet but might be wrong, Warlingham can but even more games than u and u've got to play'em twice too.


Very tight at the bottom, Bedfont I to think have gone but 2 wins for them and who knows!!!


Will be tough right to the end and if we finish 3rd from bottom we will have acheived our target at the beggining of the season.

would have prefered high but gota be realistic.


we are playin well but need a little bit of luck especially in our last two games losing by one goal in each.



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Farnham have no chance Teffs and don't think they are looking for it. Meant to have your dressing rooms within the ground and that is going to be a big ask for them.

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Thanks El Guffer smile


By the way we need to speak about your team selection for the game on the 21st smile biggrin1


I have some very good ideas about your formation !!!!

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believe warlingham are ground sharing with croydon if they go up

horley is ok and farnham you have to cross a car park to get to there pitch from the dressing rooms so no chance at all

i think worcester park have something in place aswell regarding groundsharing so dont bank on them teffers .guffer what is going on at banstead you seem to be losing your way

will be looking to your clubs for some pre season fixtures !!!! yes pre season the way this one is going it will be turning straight round and go again

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