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Essex as a problem


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Interesting not going to the game at Grays this week-end and having to read reports instead

To fully catch-up on events I turned to both forums

Now I know this is swimming against the tide but do you think we should consider the following:


1. Essex sides have considerably more local grudge matches by far than other sides in non-league anywhere


2. Local grudge matches can very often "go against the form book"

3. Local grudge matches accumalate more injuries than other games


Even sides struggling against relegation turn it on for the hated CIFC


Should we therefore as the leading Essex team outside of the conference consider a new line of approach

Why not be every ones friend and stop rising to the knuckle scrapping on the floor jibes from toss pots who struggle to fill a camper van for away games

Why not simply ignore them until they turn on each other, As of course all stray dogs of uncertain birth do

As Merv would no doubt say turn the other cheek, Where as Merv had the face in mind the cheeks I refer to accompany a different orifice


Lets be so confident in our future we simply ignore lesser mortals but of course with good grace??













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One thing is for certain, the more you rise to the jibes of these cretins, the more they keep coming back for more. In the end I think we do ourselves a dis-service by eventually, dragging ourselves down to their level.


I like pabird's idea of ignoring them. In other words, being aloof, rising above it all and taking the moral high ground. In the short term we might get slagged off somewhat, but in the end we will have shown everybody that we are an intelligent outfit, too clever to rise to their cheap insults. We'll let our team do the talking, out on the pitch. In the meantime, our discussion board will be just that, a board where quality and meaningful discussion takes place on a range of subjects all centred around our team.

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Basilricay at present are too interested in study of their knuckle marks in the sand and which sand pile they are to move those knuckle prints to


Grays of course are intent on showing they are not following in the footprints of a rather famous other Ryman premier Essex (succesful) side


It is possible Canv that simply ignoring the lower sections of the food chain could mean eventually they will turn on each other

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Sorry pabird but the whole point of football is a competition us against them and all that. Oh and buy the way I think tonights echo soums it up. Why did they even bother turning up. The only sign that they were at home was they provided nearly half the supporters and you could smell the sh^^ coming down from the ghetto above our heads.

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