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Pre Season odds

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Think the bookies may well be a little concerned if anyone was brave enough to put a couple of grand on at the start of the season,And our run continues.


Oxford- 5/1


Stevenage- 8/1

Grays- 10/1

Morcambe- 10/1

Exeter- 12/1

Rushden- 12/1

York- 16/1

Burton- 16/1

Cambridge- 16/1

Weymouth- 20/1

Northwich- 20/1

Aldershot- 20/1

Kidderminster- 25/1

Dagenham- 33/1

Woking- 33/1

Scarborough- 33/1

Gravesend- 40/1

Crawley- 40/1

Stafford- 40/1

St Albans- 40/1

Southport- 50/1

Forest Green- 50/1

Tamworth- 50/1

excited excited excited excited


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Originally Posted By: ahsatan
Fleet were only 3-1 to get relegated, some saw this as a good bet, especially the 3 numpties pictured in the Reporter pre-season saying " our clubs in trouble, we fear the worst "
Talk about Pessimists !!!!!!

This classic article actually appeared in the News Shopper, and has pride of place at home.

Given Stacy's comments on another thread, perhaps having only five players in May, a situation which clearly angers certain elements of our support, may be avoided this summer.
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