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Ash 3-0 Chertsey

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Sweet revenge!!!

And what a punch up at the final whistle.!!!

Read on for more exciting info.....


The match 1st of course... Very much a 1 sided game with Ash having most of the posession and the most likely to score. The score should really have read 'Ash 6 Chertsey 0' but we failed to convert many many chances. Chertsey were pretty gutless and never worried the back 4. We could even afford to change 2 of the back 4 before the final whistle. They didnt show the same attitude they showed when we drew at theirs and lost in the cup at ours before xmas. This must worry the manager.

Anyway on to the fun stuff....

Our right midfielder had the chertsey left back in his pocket the whole game and when Chertsey knew they were going to lose the naughty off the ball incidents were starting to happen. At the final whistle, Chertsey tempers were quite high and the LB and RM were still going at it when all of a sudden their centre half comes up to the RM, head to head (as school children do), and then suddenly bites the RM nose quite harshly and draws blood. Woman linesman said she saw nothing, ref supposedly didnt see it either which infuriated everyone even more. As i walked to the drssing room i thought id let the CB know what i thought of his cowardly act. As everyone reached the dressing room arguements were now on going with the main 2 concerned. From nowhere their manager turns up with punches flying which just turns into a mass brawl in a very small area. Everyone involved!!! Manager def came off worse and probably regretted getting so involved. Disturbing scenes at the final whistle.

I think every game should end in a nice big fight!!

Chertsey actually showed more passion, drive and desire during the 2 mins of fighting. Although they still fight like pansies.

Chin up doggieman. Thought you actually had a decent game.Shame ur team mates didnt turn up.

And as for the bite.... What a disgrace to the game of football. Biting is even lower than spitting at a player. Let himself and his team mates down. A disgrace to Chertsey Town FC.

Report over...


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Is that for real, Johno ???


If that is the case and the referee AND the assistants failed to 'see anything', then I fear for the future of decent games in the future for CCL sides.


A disgrace, and I don't normally criticise the officials.


Did the bite draw blood, inidently ?

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the bite drew blood. It was a nasty bite. Must of hurt like F**k. Proper bruised aswell. As you can imagine, the player that got bit was absolutely fuming - hence the huge commotion at the end.

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alright JJ...


To be fair mate.. After you went 1-0 up thought we could have gone in 2/3 down at half time but we were still in the game.. first 20mins of second half I thought we were on top then you got the worst penalty decsion I have seen in ages.. Little liam payed the ball and the biggest hardest geezer in your team hit the deck like a a sack of spuds... after that it killed us and our heads went a nd yeah you battered us mate for last 15mins.. and how bad was then pen decision that we should have had at the end (i know the game had gone but still) also women lino was shocking..


I know your RM was moutgignthe whole game and it got niggly.. cant defend our centre half.. we all siad biting aint on.. the assistant manager who got involved didn't know he had bitten your geezer and said if he had of known that had happened he wouldn't have backed his player up.. (not saying fighting is right) but what the hell is the kids dad doing in the mixer? I had to laugh.. But you still deserved the win so fairplay mate..


Yeah thought I played alright mate.. just battled and tried to get the ball down but was hard.. how hot was it.. your gaffer seemed a decent bloke too.. hope you get second place mate in front of big time Wembers..haha


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Blimey A Doggie with no Bite............... up wink











Fair play Doggin with the biting, that is defo not on and have not heard of it previously.

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I was too far away to see our pen decision but i have to say that usually u can gauge a decision on the players reactions and it didnt seem like a good one. Your pen appeal should prob have been a pen. With minutes to go and all the abuse the ref had taken from you guys i'm not suprised he didnt give it. We could have mowed you all down with a gun and you still wouldnt have got one.

Wise decision to not come in the clubhouse for a drink after. Tempers were still running high!!

The young lads dad was obviously so angry he lost it too. I'm not suprised.... a late tackle or a disgusting off the ball challenge or fisty cuffs can be sometimes tolerated by a dad, but biting and then a huge brawl after....any father would see red!!

Just lucky 'johnno judo' was on hand to deal with it all.


We'll keep playing for every point and to go unbeaten to the end of the season is now the target but i do believe 2nd spot is now a bridge too far. Too many draws and the slip up at Merstham and Cove killed our chances. I think only 1 can go up anyway!!

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No drink in the club house...


I walked into the back bar and had a couple of lucazades... It weren't that type of game in truth so the row at the end killed it.. u won so fairplay.. the fighting at the end did my head in.. it was 200 degrees heat and all I wanted to do was go home and it all kicked off.. just what I needed.. laugh


Yeah I would have rather he had nutted him to be fair so I aint gonna defend biting someone.. don't know why he did it..


The kids dad was mouthing off front the sidline all game JJ..even when people were just jostling for position against his boy.. but yeah the biting thing..if it was my son then I prob would have done the same

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The ref and assistants didnt see much the whole game, missed the bite so wouldnt have seen the huge brawl at the end!!!

Punishment should be dished out to Jaws.

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Originally Posted By: Teflon
Very true Johnno.

Next seasons games will be worth going to see. Ticket go on sale soon !!!!!

Frank Warren Promotions ???
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