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Harrow Park Pitch is Dangerous


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I went to an Under 15 game yesterday in Ruislip. Actual Soccer v Bressingbury Park Rangers.


At half time I walked onto the pitch to retrieve the ball and put it on the half way spot. When walking across the pitch I discovered a hole around 3 inches deep which could easily have broken an ankle or leg. This was not the only hole in the pitch as a parent had found another hole which he was filling in the other half. We filled the holes as best as we were able.


These park pitches are paid for by the clubs and they deserve and, indeed, have the right to expect them to be reasonably safe for the players. It is true that nobody can be blamed if they are dust bowls in the present weather conditions but a groundsman should have been on duty early morning and checked the pitch to ensure that there were no dangers.


This game was played under the auspices of the Middlesex FA and it is reasonable that a complaint is made by them to Harrow Borough.

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