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Prediction League Final Table


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Thanks to everyone who took part and I hope to run a similar thing next season.


The final placings were as follows:


Winner: Reading Rebel on 78 points

Runner Up: Charlie on 92 points

Third: GarySTFC on 92 points (she predicted the league winners correctly and I didn't hence why she is above me)

Fourth: A late sneaking in from Nathan to pip Chris, Dam and Salisbury Rebel with 96 points.

Wooden Spoon: Brummie Rebels Steve with a whopping 192 points - the same as the teams listed in reverse alphabetical order!


As mentioned on an earlier thread, the prize money is as follows:


£50 - First place

£25 - Second place

£15 - Third place

£10 - Fourth place

£5 - Last place


Can you let me know where to send the money - Charlie, I will pass yours on to you on Monday - and I will either get cheques from the Trust or hand the money over when I see you.


Congratulations again to Reading Rebel!

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Thanks Dad. It's a proud moment for me. I would like to thank all my family and my manager, it's a great achievement to come last.


Please donate the substantial winnings to the trust for me!


Thank you!!


Steve (Brummie Rebel in shame)

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Have a look at the link at the top of the page AB. At the start of next season, you pay £5 to enter and you predict where you think each of the teams in Slough's division will finish in the league. For each position out, you gain one point.


So, if you predicted Slough to finish 1st, and they came fourth, you would get three points. This is then applied to all teams.


Lowest scores win, half the proceeds go to the Trust.

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